Anthrax maschines Deployment Backpack-BLACK 45lt


Σακιδιο πλατης  45 λίτρα χορητικότητας



The Deployment backpack is a high capacity, heavy-duty bag, designed for day to day use and travel.
The bag comes with a unique, custom patch with your name and country flag! It features a main, extra-large compartment suitable for shoes and other bulky items, a medium compartment ideal for clothes and documents and two, quick access smaller compartments. On the back, you can find a protected pocket for your laptop or tablet.

Custom patch with your name and country flag
Anthrax “Lead the Pack” & “#werulethisgame” & “Anthrax神” patches
Detachable clip for a water bottle.
Key clip
Plastic hanging clip.
45 liters capacity.
Made of heavy-duty, waterproof fabric.
Lasered molle webbing on front and sides.
Quick access laptop pocket
Heavy-duty carrying handle
Side and bottom buckles for expanded carrying capacity.
Adjustable shoulder straps.
Adjustable chest strap.
Adjustable waist strap.
Multiple inner pockets for clothes & accessories.

Attention: No accessories except the ones listed above are included.
Free delivery only available across Europe.


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Anthrax maschines Deployment Backpack-BLACK 45lt


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